Why Choose Wooden Decking?

Installing decking is an excellent way to revitalise your garden, but what type should you go for — hardwood, softwood or PVC?

Garden decking is an excellent, flexible landscaping feature. It may be utilized to make an outdoor dining or seating space, a poolside or spa area or even a path or measures. You will find an assortment of decking materials and layouts to choose from — read on to determine which decking material is right for you.

Benefits of wooden decking

Wood is the most popular decking material for many reasons, including the following:

  • It is a natural substance, suited to the outside
  • Wood is a renewable resource, which makes it more eco-friendly than manmade decking
  • No two pieces of natural wood look exactly the same, each has a different pattern, hues or color
  • Wooden decking is much cheaper than PVC or composite decking

The most important disadvantage of timber as a plastic material is the fact that it is vulnerable to rot, cracking and warping – particularly if it’s exposed to the elements. To prevent this, you want to choose your timber wisely, which means considering both hard and soft timber decking.

Hardwood comes from broadleaved trees like walnut, cherry, elm, oak, teak, cherry or walnut. These types of wood make good hardwood decking substances because they’re naturally quite dense and durable; lasting at least 25 years. Hardwoods also come in a variety of attractive colors – but they’re pricier than softwoods.

Softwood decking

Softwoods like cedar, walnut and walnut come from coniferous trees and also therefore are less dense so will need to be pre-treated using a timber preservative in accordance with British Standards EN 335. Once treated, softwood decking may also last around 25 decades and is generally cheaper than hardwood.

PVC decking has increased in popularity lately for the following reasons:

  • It doesn’t rust or decay, which means it has a very long lifespan
  • PVC requires hardly any maintenance
  • It may be made to look like wood
  • PVC is a very robust material

The downside to PVC decking is the fact that it costs a great deal more than wood and because it’s a manmade material, it’s less eco-friendly. Additionally, PVC has more of a uniform look than wood, which a lot of men and women find less attractive.

Before choosing which sort of decking to install, be sure to weigh up all the options and check that you don’t need planning permission . This is unlikely to be the situation, but it is ideal to double check if you live in a listed building, near a border or in a conservation area. For best results and to ensure your decking looks great and lasts as long as possible, make sure you hire a professional to install your decking.

Winter Air and Your Hardwood Floors

As winter settles in over a large section of the country, temperatures drop and the air becomes cool and sharp. Even though the onset of the winter wonderland brings holiday cheer, it also ushers in reduced humidity levels along with the decreasing temperatures.

One reason we love hardwood floors is that they bring the beauty and warmth of nature into our homes. As a part of character, wood has a symbiotic relationship with its surrounding environment and responds accordingly to the changes around it. The naturally drier atmosphere of winter, together with our need for the relaxation of artificial heat indoors, tends to eliminate a great deal of humidity in our homes. Wood stoves, fireplaces, and electric heat can exacerbate already low humidity levels much more.

Wood’s natural reaction to diminishing moisture is typically to shrink. This can lead to gaps or spaces that were not present in the summer months to appear. While this might appear to be cause for concern, rest assured that this process is predictable and normal. Exotic wood species may also be more sensitive to climate changes compared to many national varieties. That said there are still some things you can do to help mitigate sunlight’s influence over your hardwood flooring.

Humidity Control is Essential

The EPA advises that a relative humidity of 40-50 percent is best for human beings to become more healthy and comfortable. Unsurprisingly, wood also includes a favorite comfort zone, which happily, carefully mirrors ours. NWFA urges humidity amounts of 30-50 per cent to make the most of the look and lifespan of your flooring. There are lots of economical hygrometers available for homeowners to monitor the humidity indoors.

The very first step to controlling your indoor environment is maintaining the exterior atmosphere……welloutside. Weatherproofing your house won’t just make it more effective to heat, but can diminish your ground’s vulnerability to the dry arctic atmosphere. Outlet and junction boxes on exterior walls are also frequently overlooked offenders for air flows. The more that chilly air finds its way to your home, the further you must heat the interior, which typically sucks more moisture from the air.

Another easy solution is to present more moisture back in the environment. Humidifiers typically come either as a stand-alone unit that may be placed anywhere in the home or as a part of the house’s HVAC system. In either case, the trick is to take it slow and introduce moisture gradually into the atmosphere.


Environmental effects on wood can not truly be removed, but that is also what gives wood the character and beauty that we enjoy. Ultimately, homeowners must simply accept those seasonal adjustments as part of having a hardwood floor, and enjoy the seasons as they manifest in the timber. Always remember that maintaining the humidity and temperature degree at the suggested level isn’t just vital for keeping your hardwood flooring looking great, but also provides you with a general healthy home environment.

What to Do When Wax Ends Up on Your Hardwood Floors

shutterstock_316977005Kids of the 1980s still vividly remember Mr. Miyagi (from the film, The Karate Kid) imploring his youthful protégé, Daniel-san, to wax his car a subtle method of teaching him the worth of repetitive practice and muscle memory for crucial karate defenses. But what happens when real life wax pops up on your flooring? Do you want a professional hardwood floor repair staff to come to the rescue, or can you manage the job yourself?

Here are two tips from the trenches:

Utilize a gentle and safe heating system to liquefy the wax, and then mop it up with a fabric .
For instance, you may (safely!) Use a iron or even a hair dryer to melt down the wax, being careful to not damage the hardwood floor in the procedure. Avoid leaving these items on a long time, and never”set it and forget it” A hairdryer left running can be a significant fire hazard, and then fixing the floors will be the least of the troubles.
Take the opposite tack — suspend the wax for easier peeling and elimination.
Employing an ice pack (essentially sealed, so you don’t drip water onto the ground, which can stain and discolor the floor), cool the wax until it is brittle, and then break it up and scratch it off.

Hardwood Floor Repair is Sometimes Best Left to the Experts

If neither the by-fire or the by-ice approach works — or if the wax spill triggered damage — it could be time to call in the professionals. The team at Sanding Parquet Flooring Co.. Can help you with diverse challenges, including hardwood floors installation.Call now at 020 8099 9375 .


girlanddogWhen choosing the ideal flooring for your home, there are many components to take into account. Among the most important things to consider is,’who will be using your floors?’ . For instance, if you’re a pet owner it is vital to locate a flooring option that will withstand the overall wear and tear from your furry friend.

As time passes the effect of your dog or cat will start to show in your flooring. As such, you’ll need to discover a flooring option that will not just minimize any damage resulting from your pet but provide durability too. Together with your furry friend in your mind, these are the major points of concern when picking your floors: protection from stains and scratches, resistance to harm, the comfort of your pet and the grip of your pet. Additionally, it is important to notice here that flooring durability not only encompasses scratch resistance but should consider impact and moisture. All in all, when selecting flooring material, you want to pick something that is not only friendly to your pet but also appealing to your interior design.

To lessen the selection process, we have compiled a list of 5 pet-friendly flooring choices.


This is only because bamboo possesses natural durability which makes it both stain and scratch-resistant. Bamboo’s sturdiness is ensured by its own high Janka flooring rating; basically, the higher the rating means the harder the wood. In this case, the high score ensures that bamboo isn’t only a sustainable flooring material but will also endure the continuous onslaught of your pet’s claws.

In addition, bamboo is an antimicrobial material which means that your house will be retained free from mold and other allergens. Besides being exceptionally easy to wash, bamboo is also allergen resistant, making sure that it won’t harbor pet fur or other debris.


If your furry friend is overly active, laminate flooring is a great choice. Since laminate floors are known for their exceptionally tough surface, this alternative is fairly scratch-resistant from the dog or cat’s claws. Like bamboo, laminate is extremely stain-resistant and easy to keep clean. But it is vital to be aware that laminate is prone to creating a louder and more hollow noise under-foot, as opposed to a stronger substance. This option might, therefore, amplify the sound of your pet’s footsteps.


A favorite choice among pet fans is vinyl sheet floors which is considered a resilient flooring substance that sustains long-term endurance. If vinyl is set up properly, this option will wear nicely allowing for minimal scratches. An extra benefit of this alternative is that it is very good for softening the sound of your pet’s nails.

Engineered Hardwood

Again, when ensuring your hardwood flooring alternative is pet-friendly it is ideal to decide on a substance which ranks top on the Janka hardness scale. Especially, you should pick wood species that have a score of 1,250 or more. Some wonderful engineered hardwood choices include Brazilian cherry or walnut. Buteven for your sturdiest timber, it is still important to protect them in order to extend their longevity. Obtaining your flooring coated in urethane will help minimize any harm sustained through scratches or stains.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood floors are a remarkably durable alternative. Although some will state that this alternative is acceptable for pets, this is not always true. However, if the appropriate protective measures are put in place, hardwood flooring can withstand your pet’s habits and behaviours. When cared for properly, by applying a protective coating and running regular sanding, hardwood flooring can last anywhere between 80-100 years.

Finally, when it comes to picking the flooring choice that is not just right for you but also your animal friend, it’s vital to consider longevity. As such, selecting a choice that’s primarily scratch-resistant and stain-resistant will make sure that the quality of your flooring remain in tip-top shape, letting you enjoy them for more.


Water Damage to Your Wood Floors: Repair or Replace?


You do whatever you can to keep at the top of spills, but you can not control everything, and the worst has occurred! Your gleaming hardwood floor has been ruined by water!

What Does Water Do into some Wooden Floor?

Wood is an organic material that can only withstand the effects of water for a brief moment. That is why expediency is essential to preventing harm from happening. But sometimes, things happen that you can’t plan for. For example, you’re away on holiday and while you’re lying on a beach soaking up sunlight, a tube breaks and floods your kitchen that then remains that way for many days. Now what?

Here are some signs of harm to look for:

1. Staining and/or discoloration

2. Cupping and buckling from consumed moisture

3. Popping nails

4. Lifting of floorboards (particularly at the ends)

5. Mold growth (can occur within 48 hours of flood )

Considering that the moisture content in a typical hardwood flooring is somewhere between 6 and 12 percent and a flooded hardwood floor can have a moisture content of up to 40%, damage could be severe. Much of it has to do with the amount of time that the flooring is subjected to the water. More moisture will be kept if the flooring is made to dry on its own.

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Matte, Satin or Semi Gloss?

In a home with old looking hardwood floors, the greatest improvement possible is to start a finishing procedure. You are going to be able to walk on your own floors immediately after they are ready. All wood floors ought to be given some type of care and attention from time to time.

Since there are many colours and width alternatives are available with refinished it is going to be difficult for you to choose the right one for your wood floors. The finish sheen measures how shiny or glossy your floor’s finish will be and there three most popular and functional options to choose from.

Satin seems to be the most popular sheen, it is more in line with a classic or formal setting, and the ease of care that a matte floor offers. Satin surface is easy to be kept clean. This finish tends to give the look of hardwood a NEW look longer then any other finish does. Satin is not reflect the light directly but rather disperses it evenly. This is way it does not show every scratch and imperfection in the way that Semi Gloss does.

Semi Gloss have the higher gloss levels, which is even more reflective. But the higher sheen levels wear is not a good idea and specially in high traffic areas. The constant use of a floor in a high traffic area could mean that your finish will wear out faster in some areas than in others. This sheen is good for clean maniacs, because it is so much easier to notice dirt,debris, scratches and dents, especially on a darker coloured stain. Semi Gloss finish sheen on is trendy for spaces or places where there may be water near by – kitchens or formal dining areas.

Matte finish is perfect for children’s rooms or high traffic areas, a matte finished floor will be better able to hide scruffs, scratches dirt and debris.This is way matte finish has become very popular. This finish is also a very good way of achieving the casual sophistication. Matte reflects minimal amount of light and therefore will have no shine even after they are cleaned. It is also the very popular for a commercial spaces, because this is a floor that will stay good-looking longer, easy to clean, and also easy to maintain!


Floor Sanding Benefits

The Top 10 of Floor Sanding Benefits !

1.Light reflection improvement
2.Less dust collecting
3.Better foot traffic handling
4.Great smooth feeling
5.Shiny and sparkling appearance
6.Long lasting
7.More welcoming atmosphere
8.Better aqustic
9.Affecting good on functions
10.Protection from future harm